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 December 2018 – mid January 2019

Trinity Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 635, Meredith, NH  03253, 603-279-6689

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The Rt. Reverend A. Robert Hirschfeld, Bishop

The Rev. Robin Thomas Soller, Rector, E-mail:

The Rev. John S. Allen, Curate

Carol Twomey, Organist

Will Cabell, Choir Director

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The mission of Trinity Episcopal Church, Meredith is to worship God and strengthen our spiritual life through prayer, education and outreach.  Working together as the family of Christ, we seek to share God’s love, throughout our church, the community, and the world.



Holy Eucharist:  Sunday:  9:30 a.m.  

Lectionary Bible study:  Tuesday 9:00 a.m.

Christian Education 5:00 p.m. Wednesday         Potluck Supper 6:00 p.m. Wednesday

Worship (Eucharist, Evening Prayer or Compline): 7:00 p.m. Wednesday  




2 Sun                     FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT

9:30                        Holy Eucharist

                                11:00                     Alternative Christmas Fair

4 Tue                     9:00                        Lectionary Study

                                10-12                     Church office open; Robin’s office hours

5 Wed                   5:00                    Wednesday School

                                6:00                    Potluck Supper

                                7:00                    Worship

6 Thu                     9:00-11:30           Church office open

Thu-Sat              10-4                    Heart and Hands Thrift Shop open

9 Sun                     9:30                        Holy Eucharist

                                11:00                     Kids’ Lunch Out

10 Mon                2:30                        MBCC Holy Communion

                                6:00                        Vestry

11 Tue                  9:00                        Lectionary Study

                                10-12                     Robin’s office hours; church office open

12 Wed                1:30                        Audit

5:00                        Wednesday School

                                6:00                        Potluck Supper

                                7:00                        Worship

Thu-Sat                 10-12                     Heart & Hands

13 Thu                  9:00-11:30           Church office open

11:00                     Golden View – Holy Eucharist

16 Sun                  9:30                        Holy Eucharist

18 Tue                  9:00                        Lectionary Study

                                10-12                     Robin’s office hours; church office open

19 Wed                5:00                        Wednesday School

                                6:00                        Potluck Supper

                                7:00                        Worship

20 Thu                  9:00-11:30           Church office open

Thu-Sat                10-12                     Heart & Hands Thrift Shop open

21 Fri                     7:00 p.m.            Longest Night Contemplative service

23 Sun                  9:30                        Holy Eucharist

24 Mon                4:30                        Christmas pageant and Holy Eucharist

                                9:00                        Candlelight Christmas Eve Eucharist

25 Tue                  9:30                        Christmas Day Holy Eucharist


13 Sun                  5:00                        Newsletter Deadline


Standing Notices

All are welcome to share in communion at Trinity, including children.

In case of an emergency, please leave a message on the church answering machine, using mailbox 3. The Rector’s emergency contact number is also included on the message.

Prayer list names may be given at any time. To include the last name on the public list, we request you have permission of the person being prayed for.

The alcohol policy of the church is that, with the exception of wine used for communion, there will be no alcohol use on the property.

Vestry meetings are open to any member of the congregation who might like to listen in. If you have an item for the agenda, please let the Rector know by the week before the meeting.

Meetings should be scheduled through the church office, as we have a number of groups now using the building.

Scheduling of baptisms and weddings require instruction and contact with the Rector.

The Church library is located in the undercroft. Please come and browse, and borrow books at any time.

Gluten free wafers are available for communion. Please alert the usher or priest before the service


Congratulations to

Priscilla and Wayne Fletcher who celebrated the 52nd anniversary of their marriage.

Robin and Jon Soller who celebrated the 18th anniversary of their marriage.

Libby and Leon DesFosses who celebrated the 52nd anniversary of their marriage.


Visits to our Members

Norma and Jim Hughes are in room 170 East at the Belknap County Home, Laconia



Joan Sloss (Harriet Meade’s sister)


PRAYER LIST (as of 11/25/18)

Carol                                                   Robert Dobbs                                      Celeste and Enid

Jim and Norma Hughes                            Jeff                                              Tom Thayer

John                                              Stewart Stringfellow                                 Ron Kiesel

Emily Drake                                              Walt                                              Joan

Ken Atkinson                                Sue & Paul Schmidt                                June Hopkins

Charles Shattuck                               Peter Herrera                                      Jane Shattuck

David Shores                                  Susan Macaulay                                     Rita Krupp

Kate Atkinson                                     Wayne Fletcher                                  Emily Drake

Susan Goodnough                             Walt                                         All dealing with addiction






Through November 11th, 46 Pledges totaling  $144,474 have been received.  This is 103% of our $140,000 goal. A big THANK YOU to everyone who generously responded.    Each time a Pledge is received, a medallion is placed on the display at the entrance of the Church to represent those who have contributed.   Our thanks go to Ursula Allen for crafting these beautiful medallions representing the Holy Spirit.


The Stewardship Ministry Committee

Thanks to:

·         Susan Ackley for collaborating and sharing in leading the All Saints Day Healing service and to all who attended

·         Anne McDonough, Patty Carter and Robin Soller who attended the Diocesan Convention on November 3 in Exeter.

·         Don Margeson for many years of chairing the 3D/Vision and Planning Team

·         Ursula Allen and Patty Carter who put the Memorial Garden to bed for the winter.

·         Golden View participants at our November Eucharist – Ron Ummel (pianist), John Allen, Betsy Thayer, Ron Kiesel, Storm and Robin Soller.

·         Kids’ Lunch Out helpers – Jody Hough, Ursula Allen, Amy Dascanio, Patricia L’Abbe, John and Eileen Magnuson.

·         Randy Dales for preaching and celebrating on November 18

·         Nixon Bicknell for playing on November 18 and 25

·         Sue Witham for reading and Rita Krupp for singing in the choir and to all who attended the Ecumenical Thanksgiving service.

·         All who helped to ring the bell on Veteran’s Day.

·         Donna Bull for working wonders by removing the stains on many of our vestments.

·         All who have pledged for 2019 for helping us go beyond our goal

·          All those who may not see your name here, for all that you do to serve God at Trinity and in the community.


Advent Resources and Activities

#AdventWord is a global, online Advent calendar. Each day from the first Sunday of Advent through Christmas Day, #AdventWord offers meditations and images to inspire and connect individuals and a worldwide community of believers to the themes of Advent. You are invited to participate by posting your own images using the hashtag #AdventWord and the word of the day, for example, #journey. Individuals, congregations, organizations, and institutions can all participate.

You can sign up by visiting,

Additionally, again this year we have copies of the Slow Down, Quiet, It’s Advent posters that are available to anyone interested.

Our Wednesday Evening program at 5 p.m. each week will be an Advent Curriculum on the Way of Love, the Presiding Bishop’s program to help with a Jesus centered life.  Come and join the fun, and stay for pot luck supper at 6, and/or worship at 7.  All are welcome. 

Kids’ Lunch Out


On Sunday, November 11, we did a fill in the blank story during the sermon on generosity and talked about we share what we have been given. 

After church, we made homemade mac and cheese for lunch, along with chocolate chip cookies.  We helped make animal decorations for the Altrusa Tree, and also firestarters which we will sell at the Alternative Fair.

Our next gathering will be on Sunday, December 9 with participation in church and then lunch and activities following.



Wednesday School

Our Wednesday School meets every week at 5:00 p.m. Our current program involves discussion of the book of the Acts of the Apostles, which tells about how the first disciples spread the news of Jesus. At 6:00, we share in a feast of good things, created from the amazing delicious items brought by our group. One dish per family makes for a bountiful meal. At 7:00, we share in worship – either Holy Eucharist, Evening Prayer, or Compline.  All are welcome for any or all parts of the evening. 





Longest Night

Still in the planning stages as we send this off, there is in the works a joint service of Trinity and First Congregational Church to be held at Trinity on Friday, December 21 (the winter solstice) at 7 p.m..  It will be a service which acknowledges that this time of year, and holidays can be a very difficult time for many people, whether due to loss and grief, family situations or for any number of other reasons, so will be aware of the darkness many people experience.  More details to follow in the weekly bulletins. 


Vestry Highlights November 6, 2018


The vestry meeting opened with prayer and our mission statement.

Patricia L'Abbe lead us in Living in the Word.  Jesus, the Living Word lights the way to God, not doctrine which does not enlighten the heart.

The minutes for the October vestry meeting were accepted.

The treasurer's report was accepted.

At the convention in Exeter $640 worth of gifts were delivered for the Children of Incarcerated Persons.
The Diocesan Budget was passed.
A resolution was passed urging parishes to engage in Christian Formation through Renewing Faith, Reconciling the World and Revitalizing the Church.

Mother Robin spoke about pastoral concerns, of which there are many.

We considered at length how to implement the decisions made at the vestry retreat in October to have each member of the vestry to act as liaison to one of the parishes ministries.  The goal is to have each vestry member assemble a team that will carry out the functions necessary for that ministry.

The work on the tree for the Altrusa Festival of Trees is coming along well.

The yard sale brought in over $300.

Trinity Church was identified as a good candidate for producing solar energy, but our electricity use is too low to make a solar installation financially rewarding.

Betsy Thayer was approved as Eucharistic Visitor.

It was voted to reduce the number of elected vestry members to seven.

The next vestry meeting will be on December 10 at 6pm.  You are invited.













Alternative Christmas Fair

As in past years the Trinity Family will mark the first Sunday in Advent with our ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS FAIR.
This friendly and low-key event invites us to consider whose birthday we are preparing to celebrate, not by patronizing the malls or working the internet but by honoring our loved ones with a gift to others.

We will provide you with options, from worldwide causes like Heifer Project International to local charitable organizations like Community Care Givers and the Humane Society.  All proceeds from this event go to outreach.

We will gladly accept your donations of your special Christmas cookies, pies and breads, then take someone else's creations home for your family, friends and the neighbor who needs you to care.  You will find delicacies at this event which you do not see the rest of the year.  What about your artistic side?  Do you knit, crochet, cut and glue?  Have some of your home made creations in thanksgiving for your daily blessings and the gift of God's love I your life.

Please consider helping with the planning, setup and cleanup.  The work is not onerous, you will enjoy it.

Walk in peace as you prepare for The Coming.





Altrusa Festival of Trees

This celebration will take place at the Waukewan Golf Course, 166 Waukewan Rd, Center Harbor on Friday, November 30, 2-6 pm, Saturday, December 1, 10-5 pm, and Sunday, December 2, 12-4 pm.

Trinity has submitted an animal themed tree, which will then be donated to a needy family after the festival.  Entry cost is $5 and all proceeds support area Christmas Funds, Community Service and Altrusa Scholarships.











Thanksgiving Day at Trinity




Robin’s Reflections

Dear Friends,


As we prepare to enter the season of Advent and a new church year, I like to take time to think about how I will celebrate Advent this year.  The word means coming, and we will be looking at how Jesus came into the world, how he comes to us today and how we will come again – the God who is, who was and who will be.  This year we will be in Year C of our Lectionary readings, which means that for much of the year, our gospel readings will be taken from Luke.  One way to take time during Advent might be to read through the whole Gospel over the course of the next month. 


As Jesus comes to us, how will we welcome him?  Perhaps there is no room in the inn of our heart.  Or maybe we will find that all we need to welcome him is to say yes to what might seem impossible.  Always, we are invited to keep our eyes alert for where Jesus is present, and how we might see him in unexpected ways.  This Advent we have two Sundays of gospel readings from Luke about the preaching of John the Baptist and the reminder to repent.  Our final Sunday is the Magnificat, the words of Mary prophesying about the child to be born, who is both God and human. 


We will be using Rite I during Advent, as a way to slow ourselves down and hear things in different words, so that perhaps we might listen with fresh ears to the story of how Jesus comes to us and lives among us.  There will continue to be times of silence during the worship, and we will begin with the Penitential Order, which means that the confession comes at the beginning of the service. 


Sometimes what we need in order to welcome Christ is to make room, by clearing out other things that stand in the way.  Perhaps confessing our sins at the beginning of the service might offer the chance to listen more carefully and be more engaged as we move through our worship.   I invite you to pay attention to the liturgy and the season in new ways this year, and see how God is speaking to you, and how this season may help us begin again to worship the Christ in our midst.  May it be a blessed Advent season.







The Rev. Robin Thomas Soller, Rector




December 2018
















10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


9:30 Holy Eucharist

Alternative Christmas Fair




9:00 Lectionary Study

10-12 Robin’s office hours; church office open







5:00 Wednesday School

6:00 Potluck supper

7:00 Worship


9-11 Church office open

10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


9:30 Holy Eucharist

11:00 Kids’ Lunch Out






2:30 MBCC Holy Eucharist

6:00 Vestry Meeting


9:00 Lectionary Study

10-12 Church office open






1:30 Audit

5:00 Wednesday School

6:00 Potluck supper

7:00 Worship


9-11 Church office open


11:00 Golden View Holy Eucharist


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


9:30 Holy Eucharist




9:00 Lectionary Study

10-12 Robin’s office hours; church office open







5:00 Wednesday School

6:00 Potluck supper

7:00 Worship


9-11 Church office open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open



10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open





7 p.m. Longest Night Service


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open



9:30 Holy Eucharist



4:30 Christmas Pageant and Holy Eucharist



9:00 Candlelight Christmas Eve Holy Eucharist


9:30 Christmas Day Holy Eucharist




10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open


10-4 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop Open



9:30 Holy Eucharist
















At Christmas we celebrate the gift of Jesus, the One whom God gives to us to bring us life and hope.  We share our love and joy with others by giving and accepting gifts.  If you would like to offer a gift to God through the worship and ministry of Trinity, please fill out this form and return it by December 16th to the church.  Memorial and thanksgiving donations will be listed in the Christmas bulletin.

Gifts to the Flower fund will be used to decorate the sanctuary for Christmas and throughout the year for altar flowers.  The Rector’s Discretionary fund is used to help those in need. The Memorial Fund is a way to remember loved ones, and is used as the need arises for fitting purposes.  The Endowment Fund is still in the process of being fully established. The Operating Fund goes to support our annual budget.  You may make checks out to Trinity Church, and split them between funds, or check only one.


I would like to offer a contribution to be given to: (please check one or more categories)


                $________   Flower Fund                                                                  $________ Rector’s Discretionary Fund


$­­­­________   Memorial Fund                                                             $ ________Operating Fund


$________   Memorial Garden                                                         $ ________Endowment Fund         


$________ TOTAL


You may write one check, no matter how many ways you would like to divide it, but please distinguish clearly on this form, and also on the memo line of the check, how much is to go to each fund.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  It makes things much easier for the treasurer.


This gift is given:                ___ in memory of                                                ___ in thanksgiving for/in honor of



Name _________________________________                                          Phone #__________________


TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, PO BOX 635, MEREDITH, NH 03253-0635, 603-279-6689