This prayer list is updated weekly.  If you would like to add a name, please fill out one of the yellow request forms.  Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks, and` may be removed sooner by request.  After 4 weeks, you may fill out another slip to continue to keep a name on the list.  This helps the prayer group to keep the list up to date and be more specific with prayer requests.  Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this important ministry.


PRAYER LIST – Week of April 14, 2019




Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop

A. Robert Hirschfeld, Bishop, The Episcopal Church in New Hampshire

The Anglican Communion, Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Francis, Bishop of Rome

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, Sukeil Dawani,


St. Paul’s School, Alice Courtright, Richard Greenleaf, and Michael Spencer,


Calvary Bible Church, Meredith, Roger Brown, Pastor



For the ministry of the Meredith Emergency Food Pantry

For the ministry of our Oblation Bearers


FEAST DAYS this week


Holy Week takes precedence over any saints days.  They will be restored next year, or can be moved to any open day after the second Sunday of Easter.


REST IN PEACE for those who have died

Nixon Bicknell

Ed Green (Scott Powell’s uncle)

Ceil Yopp

Enid Lopes

Paul Chatterton

Kay Rakowski


For those who are SICK or in need of prayer

Helen                                          Shirley Stockwell                          John Thayer

Norma Hughes                    Mary Helen Stephens                       Bob Narducci

Bob                                          Sue & Paul Schmidt                        Betsy Thayer

Jane                                                   Bonnie                                     Susan Goodnough

Pat Rosha                               Stewart Stringfellow                        Midge

Barbara Lauterbach                Forrest Allison                             Jonathan Giffard

Corey                                   Saundra and Paul Bicknell              Rhonda Kurtz

Martin Mitchell                          Carol                            All dealing with addiction




All affected by disasters throughout the world; those serving the public who are killed in action or recovering from injury; all serving overseas, all who strive for peace


The Sunday of the Passion

Palm Sunday

Year C – April 14, 2019



Lessons for today – Isaiah 50:4-9a; 31:9-16;

Philippians 2:5-11; Luke 19:28-40


Hymns for Today 


154 – Opening: All glory, laud, and honor

435 – Gospel: At the name of Jesus

Choir Anthem – Offertory: Jesus walked this lonesome valley

160 – Closing: Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow



Assisting with Liturgy

Greeter: Patricia L’Abbe, Brooklyn Griffin

Acolyte: Ryan Dascanio

Usher: Betsy Thayer

Bread: Betsy Thayer

Lector: Phoebe DiBona-Liberatore

Intercessors: Emily Drake, Dottie Kraft

Chalice Bearers: Bob Stephens, Ron Kiesel

Oblation Bearers: Children

Counter: Mary Helen Stephens

Coffee Hour: Mary Helen and Bob Stephens

Building Close: Ryan Dascanio

Altar Guild: Anne McDonough, Eileen Magnuson,

                    Tracy Webster-Babcock


Lessons next Sunday Acts 10:34-43; Psalm 118:1-2,14-21

 (page 760); 1 Corinthians 15:19-26; John 20:1-18


Food Pantry items for next week:  Shampoo




TODAY             9:30                 Holy Eucharist – Palm Sunday

                                                Choir rehearsal

11:15               Kids’ Lunch Out

15 Mon            6:00                 Vestry meeting

16 Tue             5:00                 Stations of the Cross

17 Wed            7:00 p.m.         Tenebrae

18 Thu             7:00 p.m.          Holy Eucharist/Stripping of the Altar

19 Fri               12:00 p.m.        Good Friday Liturgy

20 Sat              9:00 a.m.         Altar Guild set up

8:00 p.m.          Great Vigil of Easter – bring a bell!

21 Sun             8:40                 Choir rehearsal

9:30                  Sunday of the Resurrection

                                                  Festive Holy Eucharist

5:00                  Pot Luck Easter Dinner

23 Tue             9:00                 Lectionary study

10-12               Church office open/Robin’s office hours

24 Wed            5:00                 Wednesday School

6:00                 Potluck Supper

7:00                 Worship 

25 Thu             9-11:30            Church Office open

3:30                  Pastoral Visitation training

Thu-Sat            10-4                 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop open

28 Sun             9:30                 Holy Eucharist

30 Tue             10-12               Robin’s office hours; church office open


1 Wed              5-7                   Wednesday activities (see above)

2 Thu               3:30                  Pastoral Visitation training

Thu-Sat            10-4                 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop open

5 Sun               9:30                 Holy Eucharist

7 Tue               9:00                 Lectionary Study

                        10-12               Church office open

8 Wed              5-7                   Wednesday activities (see above)

9 Thu               9-11                 Church office open

Thu-Sat            10-4                 Heart & Hands Thrift Shop open

11 Sat             8-4                   Diocesan Spring Event, Manchester

18, Sat                                     Meredith Community Yard Sale

19 Sun                                     Spring Cleanup day after church




This Week – Tomorrow, our Vestry will meet at 6:00 p.m. On Tuesday, Stations of the Cross will take place at 5:00 p.m. On Wednesday, the service of Tenebrae is at 7:00 p.m. On Thursday, Holy Eucharist, with Foot Washing will be celebrated at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Stripping of the Altar, On Friday, the Good Friday Liturgy will be at 12 noon. On Saturday, the Great Vigil of Easter begins at 8:00 p.m.



Easter Donations – There are some additional pink slips for Easter donations on the Usher’s table, if you would still like to add to the list of thanksgivings and memorials for Easter.



HOLY WEEK – begins today and offers a diversity of services and opportunities to worship and observe especially, the last days of the earthly life of Jesus.  

Palm Sunday includes the Blessing of the Palms and procession, the reading of the Passion Narrative from Luke's gospel, and the transition to red as our liturgical color.

Stations of the Cross is a service which processes to each of the 14 stations (our painted and stained glass stations move along the walls of the church), with a reading and prayer at each stop.

Tenebrae is an ancient service of hymns and readings, with the extinguishing of candles along the way, to a moment of darkness at the death of Jesus.

Maundy Thursday offers the opportunity to remember both the institution of the Eucharist and the mandate to love one another, shown in the washing of feet, as one way among many.  The service concludes with the Stripping of the Altar which will be done in silence, leaving the sanctuary empty and forlorn, as are our hearts.

The Good Friday Liturgy includes the Passion reading from John's gospel, the Solemn Collects, and the opportunity to reverence the cross.

The Easter Vigil is a service unlike any other.  We have fire, water, darkness, light, bells, resurrection and so much more.

Easter Day, the Feast of the Resurrection, is the beginning of the 8 days of special observance of Easter, although the season lasts for 50 days.