Every year we honor those who have been part of our community and have now been welcomed into God’s greater glory.  This year that includes two of our beloved members, who also happen to be priests of the church.

Between them, they spent more than 125 years serving God in ordained ministry.


Frank Greene died during Easter week, having recently turned 99 years of age.  He was beloved by many and is remembered for the stories he told, the poems he wrote, and his love for history, especially of Moultonborough and beyond.  Frank served in many churches throughout his ministry, and was a great blessing to people.  His love of music was one he shared generously, and we have sung several of the hymns he wrote.  His sense of humor was also a great gift and a reminder that God is all around us.  We are so grateful for Frank’s time as a member of Trinity,

and for sharing his love of God with us.


Ken Child was a priest who served in a variety of settings during his ministry – parish life, summer camps, and the Boston University School of Theology among others.  He was much beloved and the celebration of his life, which was held at Trinity, left us wishing for a bigger church.  It was an affirmation of Ken’s love for music and even more of his deep faith and the comfort and strength that the Holy Eucharist gave to him.  We were blessed and grateful to be able to share communion with him and Pam almost every week after he was unable to attend Trinity.  His laughter and sense of humor were uplifting to everyone who heard them, and his faithfulness in the midst of challenge was a witness to many.  We are so blessed to have shared time with Ken.


We also give thanks for the lives of former Trinity members who were living away from New Hampshire at the time of their death.


For Rob Webb with his generous spirit and willingness to help,

and for sharing in the work we did together.


For Bill Read, who never met a pie he didn’t like, and was a faithful member of our Wednesday School and active in so many other ways.


For Jack Cregan, who is interred in our Memorial Garden, next to his wife Betty, for his love of this part of the world, and his ongoing care for the activities at Trinity.


Trinity Episcopal Church

PO Box 635

93 NH Route 25 E

Meredith, NH  03253-0635


*      – Trinity Episcopal Church, Meredith, NH




Nominating Committee Report


The following are nominated to serve on the Vestry for a 3-year term:


Steve Condojani


Mary Helen Stephens, Treasurer


Patricia L’Abbe, Clerk


The following are nominated to represent Trinity at the Lakes Region Convocation and Diocesan Convention:


Delegates:  Tom Witham, Emily Drake, Roger Nicholls


Alternates:  Sue Witham, Donna Bull







Wardens’ Report


Every year as we put Trinity's annual report in your hands, we trust that this resource will help you to become more familiar with the workings of

your church family. Most of you are involved in one or more aspects of the parish, but no one can possibly be active in all of them. Please read the reports of all the ministries with care and then breathe a prayer for the group of people who are called to know how all the pieces of the puzzle relate to each other:  the VESTRY.


The vestry is a decision-making body with a great deal of responsibility

for the life of the parish. Since we are aware of this, we begin each meeting with a prayer and end with a blessing. Between those we share

an enormous amount of information on all aspects of parish life. Every

month we pay special attention to some of the ministries and make decisions as needed. If we do not have the information we need to make

a decision, we will seek more. We mean to do the job responsibly and

faithfully, but sometimes the decisions are hard; some you may not agree

with. All parishioners are welcome to attend vestry meetings. If you wish to address the vestry with a concern you may ask to have a place on the vestry agenda, but only vestry members may vote. Very occasionally we may feel that a discussion has to be limited to members of the vestry only.


The WARDENS are elected members of the vestry, but they are charged with a few unique and special duties.  The term itself goes back to the year

1604 in England when the warden was the person in charge of locking and

unlocking the doors to the church.  This term has come to cover quite a

few other responsibilities:


If the congregation does not have a rector:


The wardens function as the communication link with the diocese.

The wardens convene and preside at the vestry meeting

The wardens make provisions for Sunday worship

The wardens take responsibility for the administration and maintenance

of the congregation’s properties

The Wardens act as custodians of the congregations registers and records


Now you see why all wardens pray they may never be left without a



The wardens also have the joyful privilege to support the rector in

ministering to the needs of the congregation.  We feel truly called to

serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.


Thanks be to God


Ursula Allen and Jody Hough, Wardens





Rector’s Report


Our year is shaped by moments and events and activities, all of it undergirded and surrounded by prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

To try and reflect back on a whole year of God’s work means focusing on some things at the expense of others.  How to do that is always a challenge.  I will pick out a few things, and hope you realize how many others could have been named in their place.


There are highlights for our common life together in 2016 –


Sharing in the ordination of Maryan Davis as a deacon in the Episcopal Church in June, and her presence with us for one more Sunday as the reader of the gospel and the setter of the Eucharistic table.


The opening of the Heart and Hands Thrift Shop and our joint venture with St. Charles and First Congregational Church to support the community with our profits.


The reinstatement of Kid’s Night Out in a new format – as Family Lunch Out, and the wonderful participation of our children in worship on the second Sunday of each month.


There are events that brought us together in 2016 –


Our three roast beef suppers, and the opportunity to offer hospitality and a delicious meal as well as support local outreach ministries.


Our Sunday worship every week (71 times) which invited more than 3000 people to communion and prayer (3178 to be exact).


A church picnic with homemade ice cream, and innumerable other meals shared around the table.


Weekday services at nursing homes and in homes and at times on the picnic table next to the Peace Pole, which invited 3223 more people to celebrate their relationship with God.


There are moments that brought us together in 2016 –


Sitting in my office and praying together with someone.


Watching our children act out the Christmas story.


Gratitude for the work that so many people do on a daily basis to serve God.


Sitting around the table in the undercroft studying the Scripture.


Singing joyfully as we begin our worship.


Those are only tiny glimpses of how we have been doing God’s work this past year and the ways that the Spirit is inviting us more deeply into our faith.  We all have our own blessings to remember and I hope that you will do so, as together we celebrate the gift of where we have been this past year and prepare to move forward to bring light into the darkness.


Some of the pieces about my life and ministry that you may not know are what I do outside of Sunday mornings.  As part of the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire, I have been serving on the Clergy Development Committee (which really needs a better name) and was just asked to chair that for the next year.  Its task is to help plan clergy days and times for the clergy to gather and grow in faith.  Additionally this year I was elected to serve as the clergy representative from the Lakes Region to the Diocesan Council, which meets monthly (a little like the vestry for the diocese) 


I continue my hymn writing and this year had the opportunity for two continuing education conferences on music and hymnody.  I try to write a hymn that comes out of the Scripture readings for each Sunday. 


We faithfully visit in at least five nursing homes on a regular basis, and share communion with many people who are unable to get to Trinity.  Additionally our ministry of prayer is a wonderful gift for our members as well as people whom we don’t even know personally.


I am honored to hear the stories of faithfulness, of journeying, of finding the way through grief and heartbreak, as together we seek God in the midst of our daily lives. 


It is a blessing to me to be at Trinity, and I am grateful for your gifts to me celebrating our 20th anniversary together.  We truly have come a long way and seen many changes through the years.   I pray that we will continue to be God’s faithful, prayerful people together into the future.


Peace and love, Robin

Worship and Spiritual Life

 Our relationship with God



Have you ever wondered what the Altar Guild does?  Ours is a quiet ministry that involves things like polishing the silver and brass, tending to the linens and candles, and simply preparing the Altar for services on Sundays as well as other special occasions.  For many of us, it is an education about these things that we all take for granted each week.  I now sit in church with a whole new appreciation for this important work.  Sue Schmidt pointed out to us that, while AG stands for Altar Guild, it can also stand for “Assisting God”.   What a wonderful way of looking at this important ministry.  

We are in need of more assistants.  Our schedules are very flexible and we work in pairs.  We instruct, assist, and support each other.  The more hands we have to help, the better it is for all of us. Any amount of time you may have to give would be appreciated.  Please feel free to call or contact an Altar Guild member if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a member.

Phyllis “Tuffy” Hamblet, Barbara Jenkins, Barbara Lauterbach, Donna Bull, Sue Witham, Anne McDonough, Emily Drake, Linda Powell, Eileen Magnuson, Anne Greigg, Sandy Makofsky, and Helen Watkinson.  

Helen Watkinson, Directress



Trinity Church continues to be blessed with faithful greeters who arrive early on Sundays to extend smiles and handshakes to all who enter for worship.  Visitors and newcomers alike are offered copies of our newsletter, along with invitations to join us for coffee hour and to sign the guestbook.

During this past year, we've especially enjoyed having our Trinity children and grandchildren as part of this important ministry.  They do a wonderful job, while getting to know our older members who enjoy being welcomed by them.

Thank you, greeters, for continuing to inform the church office, Robin, or me if, and when, schedule changes need to made.  As always, we welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us.

Patricia L'Abbe



I joined the acolyte ministry only a few months ago. I had been in service with the previous Episcopal church I belonged to as Altar Guild, Chalice, and Eucharistic Ministries, and I felt the need to be part of Trinity’s community. I shadowed and observed other acolytes on duty for a couple of weeks and then began learning by ‘on the job’ participation. I read pieces of the acolyte manual and incorporated the knowledge gained from these two sources to perform the acolyte duties to the best of my ability. The honor to serve on the altar, processing with the cross, and gospel book bearer bring me closer to God and Jesus, as well as being a servant to the Trinity community.

Sandy Makofsky


J. S. Bach once stated, “The aim and final reason of all music is the glory of God.” Martin Luther called music “the greatest treasure in the world…a beautiful and glorious gift of God.”


The hymn When in Our Music God is Glorified speaks of the powerful, important part that music plays in our worship. In part, it says, “How often, making music, we have found a new dimension in the world of sound, as worship moved us to a more profound Alleluia! So has the church, in liturgy and song, in faith and love, through centuries of wrong, borne witness to the truth in every tongue: Alleluia! Let every instrument be tuned for praise! Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise! And may God give us faith to sing always: Alleluia!”

It is almost 20 years that we have been glorifying God together with our music at Trinity. When I responded to a small newspaper ad in August 1997, I had no idea what blessings were in store for me. Thank you so much for your support, your friendship, and your prayers.  It has truly been a joy and privilege to serve as your organist. Alleluia!

Carol Twomey


The reading of sacred scripture has always been an important part of Christian worship. The proclamation of scriptures at the Eucharist dates back at least as far as the time of Saint Justin.  Writing about the year 150, he described a typical gathering of Christians. He wrote: "The memoirs of the apostles and the writings of the prophets are read, as much as time permits.  The rest of the ceremony follows when the reader is finished."  Trinity's fifteen lectors will continue bringing the Word of God to life each Sunday as we enter the new year.

John Thayer

Prayer Group

     Our Prayer Group meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

     Membership consists of the Rev. Robin, Carol Twomey, Roger and Sue Nicholls, Dottie Kraft, Betsy Thayer, Susan Garcia, and myself.

     Our mission is to maintain accurate, timely records of those deceased and those for whom prayers have been asked, whose names are included in our weekly intercessions and bulletin inserts.

     We are committed to maintaining confidentiality regarding details of circumstances relative to every person for whom prayers have been asked.

     We are also dedicated to daily prayer for those persons.

     This is a very rewarding mission, not only for the members of our Prayer Group, but also for all for whom we pray.

     Blessings, Ron Kiesel



Ron Ummel stepped down in the fall as choir director after many years of devoted service. He never failed to bring a range of suitable and pleasing anthems and hymns to the Sunday services at Trinity. I came to fully appreciate his hard work when he passed on dozens of recorded piano parts and two file boxes of cross referenced sheet music he had amassed over the years and meticulously organized. Moreover, he was always enthusiastic and encouraging. I have big shoes to fill!

But the members of the choir have kindly welcomed me, always ready and supremely adaptable, and I look forward to working with them in praising God through His glorious gift of music.

        Gratefully, Will Cabell


Lectionary Study

This informal study group continues to meet on Tuesday mornings, from 9:00-10:00.  Each week, Scripture readings for the following Sunday are read both silently and aloud for meaning, meditation and expression.  Discussion and questions regarding interpretation and clarification are encouraged by the rector.  Participants rely on various Bible translations, with Robin's assistance on comprehension and interpretation of many of the passages in the lessons.  As always, lectors are encouraged to join us, especially on those weeks they're scheduled to read during the Sunday service.  Participants also look forward each week to Robin's email questions to ponder about the lessons as we reread them during the week in anticipation of her sermon.   

                                                                                Patricia L'Abbe



Beyond EFM

Education for Ministry was an exciting way to delve into the Old and New Testaments, the History of our Church and to further our own Beliefs and Theology.  But along the way we formed a strong bond with each other as we shared and learned together.

We chose to take that Love, Unity and Sharing to another step and formed a group from the graduates of EFM called Beyond EFM.

We choose a book to read and then gather together on the second Tuesday of each month to share what we have discovered as we dig deeper into our own beliefs.  We are a strong community with God as our core, inviting others who have not attended EFM to come and share with us as we unite and grow together In Christ.

                                                                                Patty Carter



Wednesday School


Our faithful gathering every Wednesday evening gives the opportunity for study and prayer.  This past year we became the Confirmation Class, as we helped three of our newer members to learn more about the life of faith and the Episcopal Church.  More recently we have been working our way through the Gospel of Matthew.  Periodically we do a book study or watch a DVD series, and sometimes we take a break just to have fun and support each other in fellowship.  We always eat well at our pot luck suppers, and our evening ends with worship – we choose between Holy Eucharist, Evening Prayer and Compline. 
















Pastoral Care

Our relationship with one another and our buildings and grounds


Coffee Hour at Trinity

Each Sunday here at Trinity we come to worship and then we gather downstairs to enjoy fellowship with friends and visitors to our church.  We are treated to coffee, tea, and yummy refreshments while we chat and catch up with others.  We also enjoy a coffee hour after the summer 8:00 service. It has been very well attended and very much appreciated. Those who are responsible for each coffee hour bring the food, set up the coffee and other beverages, serve the food and drinks, and then stay to clean up after the Coffee Hour. 


Although we have many people who volunteer to participate in this ministry, we can always use more! Often we can team people up with others to share the responsibility. It is a very rewarding ministry and very much appreciated by the members of our church.


We want to thank all of our volunteers who have treated us so well this year.  We hope that even more will consider joining us in this coming year.


Sandy Condojani

Card Ministry

Some Trinity members have, over the past several years, taken on the pleasant and fulfilling task of writing notes and various types of greeting cards to people, mostly those on our weekly prayer list and those who may not be able to join us on Sundays.  People who are ill, or recovering, bereaved, housebound, or in need of encouragement or friendly words have, collectively, been the recipients of hundreds of cards.  These cards have been mostly donated by many of you and have been greatly appreciated by senders and recipients. 

This simple, caring ministry gladly welcomes anyone interested in helping out by donating and/or writing cards and notes to show how much we care about one another.  Please let the church office know if you'd be interested in helping.

Patricia L'Abbe

Safe Church Minister’s Report

 Last year, while we have not dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” in the Diocese’s Safe Church Policy, I doubt that anyone has. But, again, we have done well taking good care of those entrusted by God to Trinity Church.

 For this I can claim no credit. Rather, credit goes to the members of Trinity, who adhere to the high moral and spiritual tone set, in word and deed, by our Rector, Robin.

 John Allen

Alternate Christmas Fair

Our annual Alternate Christmas Fair was held on December 4, 2016. Everyone in attendance at Church that day seemed to enjoy themselves. Or, perhaps, it was the homemade hot fudge sauce (YUM!) covering the homemade Vanilla/Chocolate ice cream (YUM, YUM!!); there didn’t seem to be any complaints about extra calories. Although we did not have the baked goods table, we did have a game to play for the benefit of the Standing Rock Sioux and our bakers prepared baked treats for our 4-legged friends to benefit the Humane Society.

Our thanks to all the folks who baked and played our games and donated to the various causes and attended the Fair. 

Donna Bull and Emily Drake


3-D (Dreaming, Designing, Doing)/Visioning Team


Your team has had a very active and busy year with projects to improve our grounds and facility, and of some of the normal things we do as a congregation. Here are some of our accomplishments and some in the planning stage:

1. New front doors 

2. New roof on boiler room 

3. Under-croft new casement window

4. Hearing loop for hearing aid assisted hearing - still in planning stage

5. Additional signage in parking lot

6. New sanctuary air conditioners - in late spring

7. New sanctuary thermostat

8. Corrective work along north side of church for leaks coming into undercroft - this spring. Work will include a raised bed along the north side of church with new and re-planted flowers and perennials. 

9. New addition to the wrought iron railing at steps in front of church.

10. Repair to steps to lower parking lot.

11. Our wonderful Peace Pole.

Have you used the bench and sat in the rear garden area yet amongst Ursula's wonderful flowers? We continue to look for ways of "greening our church” (meaning efficient use of utilities and exterior/interior looks). We welcome your thoughts and ideas as well for improvements to the look and maintenance of our church. 


We have been looking at community ministry projects to reach out to our Meredith area. In this regard, we have worked out a plan with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) in the regional office located in Gilford to take on an "Adopt a Road" service in Meredith. Specifically, the section of roads will be a 2-mile stretch of Barnard Ridge Rd and a portion of Meredith Neck Rd from Barnard Ridge to Eaton Avenue. Our service work will commence this spring and will require at least two cleanups along each side of the roads annually. We welcome your participation. Announcements will be made for the dates and to seek volunteers. We continue to look for new ideas for ministries to serve our community


We have been working on and published a new Welcoming brochure for newcomers to our church. "Welcoming" as part of our hospitality and greeting people on Sunday morning, or perhaps seeking a place of worship, or even perhaps just visiting is part of our work as a Trinity family. We are all ambassadors and urge each of us to engage a new person, couple, or family to our day of worship and to our coffee hour after service. A smile and kind words are a powerful message. 


We are looking at ideas for new fundraisers for 2017 and perhaps on a continuing basis. Stay tuned. 


Our team meets at least bi-monthly on Tuesdays with a lunch @ noon. Visitors are always welcome.



Donald Margeson, Chair






Memorial Garden

One early day in spring 2016 saw Bob Raymond, Carla Goodheart, Ursula and John Allen, and myself on the hill in Trinity’s Memorial Garden.  As in spring gardens throughout the world the same scene played out.  You know how it goes.  We were with light wraps on, dreams and visions or what our garden would look like in the summer; a place of breathtaking beauty where our members could escape from everyday tedium to enjoy solitude and beautiful scenes the garden would provide.  As we worked and warmed up we peeled off our wraps and enjoyed the cool rich earth in our hands.  Oh, how BEAUTIFUL the garden would be this year!  Two new lilacs were planted at the entrance, bright sun impatiens were interspersed in the four beds, and the lawn around the garden was hand mowed to create “a space” hewed out of the tall waving grass.   There was time to sit on the benches and dream of what was to come.   Later the long hot days of summer slowly set in.  It was a challenge just to keep the plantings going.  Ursula, day after day, would go out and water.  This was no small undertaking.  She used a wand (not a magical wand she could just wave) but one that had to be held until each planting was separately watered.  She then had to repeat the process for the flowers around the church foundation, around our beautiful sign in the front, and in our peace garden.  Well, we made it through summer without losing many plants at all.   The only plant that actually thrived was the thyme.  We actually had too much thyme on our hands-something not many people can claim.  

Hope springs eternal again for 2017.  Not so much for the plantings but for the hope that more members will discover what our garden has to offer.

Donna Bull   

Angels in the Kitchen

The ministry of Angels in the Kitchen, started by Gertie McGlinchey, provides frozen food items for parishioners to purchase on the third Sunday of every month from October until May.  Members of the parish make various dishes in one to two size servings, freeze them and sell them on the third Sunday of the month, for people to enjoy or perhaps to take to a neighbor or friend.


Thanks to all the people who contributed, and all those who purchased!

Soups, stews, casseroles, cookies and other items were available,

$258.50 was raised this past year from this program.


Barbara Lauterbach


Our relationship with the Community and the World


Convocation and Convention


Trinity is part of the Lakes Region Convocation which is made up of Plymouth, Ashland, Laconia, Wolfeboro, Sanbornville, North Conway, and Tamworth. In 2016 Trinity had three delegates: Roger Nicholls, Tom Witham, and Emily Drake, plus three alternates: Donna Bull, Sue Witham, and Dottie Kraft. The Convocation meets on the first Tuesday of February, March, May, June, September, and October.


At each meeting delegates share what is going on in their parish including good things, challenges, and promote an upcoming event. The convocation also reviews the Diocesan budget and articles to be voted on at Convention.


Our next meeting is February 7, 2017, at Trinity.


Diocesan convention is held in November each year. The Convocation delegates attend and vote on the budget and other articles as presented. We talked a lot about new and creative ways outreach is being done in the Diocese. The Convention is always a great time to interact with other Churches and learn about all the good that is being done. But we also learn about all that needs to be done.


Tom Witham

Heart and Hands Thrift Shop


In Nov, 2015 the Meredith Thrift Shop on Water Street closed.  Lisa Stevenson had run the shop for 10 years and it was just time for her to close the shop.  As soon as we heard it was closing Robin put together a group from Trinity, St Charles Catholic Church and First Congregational Church to explore the possibility of opening a new Thrift Shop to serve the community.  The Thrift shop provides 3 important services: low cost items for everyone; a place to donate items we don’t need and keep them from going to the land fill; and most important, the return of all “profits” to non-profits in the communities.


The Thrift Shop received some important financial backing from The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire; Catholic Diocese of New Hampshire, Trinity and St. Charles.  This financial base gave the board the courage to sign a lease on 3,000sq ft.  The board was concerned the space was too big and more than we could afford.  Because of the space the Shop has done very, very well.  The other reasons Heart and Hands is successful are the volunteers from all three Churches and Lisa Stevenson. The Board of the Thrift Shop will begin distributing funds in 2017.


The key to the future of Heart and Hands is for people to donate clothes, toys, furniture and etc.  And please come see the Shop at 8 Maple Street and shop!


Tom Witham

Food Ministry


During 2016 Trinity Church continued our Food Ministry programs.  We are a major supporter  of the Meredith Emergency Food Pantry.  Jim McGlinchey takes all the donated food and other items left in the wagon each Sunday.  Thanks Jim. 

For those of us who forget to bring the weekly item we continue to put cash in the “Lunch Box”.  During 2016 $778.00 was donated.


Trinity was the major supporter of Got Lunch.  We are the fiscal agent for Inter-Lakes and many, many parishioners volunteer every Monday morning.  In 2016 approximately 170 kids were fed lunch for 10 weeks in the summer.  That’s 11,900 meals.  Thanks for everyone’s help.


What’s Cooking Program takes place at the Meredith Community Center where we teach kids (mostly 4th and 5th graders) to cook, understand the cost of meals, learn about nutrition and have fun.  It is a 4 week program and the last week they cook a meal for guests.  This year they invited seniors.  The kids love serving the meal and many of them love running the dish washer.  In the fall we had an afternoon of making and decorating cookies for the open house at the Community Center.


In February we put together 20 “Mid-Winter Meal Bags” for seniors and families that are in need or have trouble getting to the store.  The local food panties get a lot of turkey and all the fixings to give out a Christmas.  But by the end of February there is a real need.   The meal includes everything for a few days of good hot meals including dessert, vegetables, fruit and canned ham.  We will be doing this again in February 2017.


Tom Witham

2017 Stewardship Ministry - Pledging


Trinity’s Stewardship Ministry welcomed 3 new pledging members during our 2017 campaign. Our goal was $145,000. Through the generosity of our 55 pledgers, a total of $145,820 was raised.  This is the third year that we have met or exceeded our goal.  Thank you to all who made these remarkable achievements possible.


Following are the number of pledges by pledged amount:


Pledged Amount Number of Pledges

$0 -   $1200                        17

$1201 - $2000                    16

$2001 - $5000                    12

$5000+                             10

TOTAL PLEDGES                 55


TOTAL $ AMOUNT              $145,820


Bob Watkinson, Pledge Treasurer


Flower Fund Report for 2016

Jody Hough continues to organize, procure and arrange the flowers each week.  Thanks Jody for a great job!! 


Thanks to everyone’s generous contributions to the Flower Fund.


                Balance as of Jan 1, 2016             $1850.24

                Interest earned in 2016                           .19

                Donations in 2016                       $1785.00

                Flower expense in 2016                $1631.63

                Balance as of Dec 31, 2016   $1983.80  


Memorial Fund


During 2016, Memorial Fund donations were received in memory of Frank Greene and Ken Child.  We will be discussing with the families the most appropriate way to use these funds to honor Frank and Ken.

Bob Watkinson


Trinity Church Sunday Counters


Each Sunday your weekly offering at Church is counted and recorded accurately by a Counter.  These people are committed, maintain confidentiality and serve an important ministry in our Church.  Thanks to the Counters for 2016:  Priscilla Fletcher, Mary Helen Stephens, Tom Witham and Bob Watkinson. 

Bob Watkinson





The Trinity Endowment Fund had a value of $24,331.67 at year-end 2016.  This is a growth of almost 100% in the past 12 months, a happy achievement.  Virtually all of the increase came from a single bequest from a parishioner's estate, from Memorial gifts made for parishioners who died during the year and from Easter and Christmas gifts.


This all serves as a good reminder that bequests in one's will or trust or a gift in memory of a loved one or friend are assured means of having your support of Trinity last in perpetuity, a long time.


The Endowment Fund Board members, Pete Woodward, Carol Gerken and Tom Kelsey, continue their agreement that the Fund is served best with its funds placed in the Diocesan Investment Fund. During the 2016 year a 4.1% gain was attained through the Diocesan Investment Fund, which the Board felt was quite acceptable for a conservatively managed fund.


The Board continues to welcome your gifts to the Fund, be they outright gifts of cash or securities, bequests in wills or trusts, or gifts of other forms of property.  Your questions about how to make such gifts will be happily answered by members of the Board, whose contact information can be found in the Parish Directory.


Our deep appreciation to those who made gifts during the year and those who have made known that their wills or trusts contain bequests to the Fund.  Trinity will be forever stronger as a result of your generosity.


Faithfully,  Tom Kelsey, Chair, Endowment Fund Board



Rector’s Discretionary Fund


The discretionary fund is used to help people in a variety of ways.  Some are members of Trinity, but most often they are local residents who need a little help – with anything from gas vouchers to help with rent and electricity, car repairs, and a myriad of other needs.  Some of these people are homeless or have been sleeping in their cars, others are holding down several jobs and have just hit a rough patch or are waiting for their first paycheck. 


This fund is supported by the generosity of our members, especially at Christmas and Easter, as well as gifts that come in when I officiate at a wedding or funeral.  This year, due to a couple of extremely generous gifts that came in at the end of the year, the fund is at a very healthy place, and has already enabled some additional help to several families.  In many instances, our funds are joined with those of St. Charles and First Congregational Church, so that we can help with bigger needs than any of us could do on our own.


In 2016, 12,462.99 was donated (a very minor portion of that is interest from the bank), and 6575.95 was expended.






















Outreach in 2016


Meredith Emergency Food Pantry          $ 1484.00 

(includes ecumenical Thanksgiving service collection

plus pounds and pounds of food and other items

Episcopal Relief and Development         $  290.00

Good Friday Offering for Jerusalem        $  131.00

Children of Hope                                 $ 1600.00

Got Lunch! Inter-Lakes                        $   275.00

CASA                                                 $   425.00

Laconia Area Community Land Trust      $   500.00

Heifer Project                                     $   140.00

Masiphumelele, South Africa                 $   500.00

Virginia Theological Seminary               $   500.00

ChIPs                                                $   810.00

NH Humane Society                            $    99.00

Diocese of Jerusalem –Basma Hosp.      $   115.55

Interlakes Community Caregivers          $   250.00

Belknap House (homeless family shelter $   250.00

For Our Children – Diocesan program    $   500.00

NH Food Bank                                    $    120.00

Food Ministry                                     $    127.35

What’s Cooking?                                 $    113.92

Human Trafficking                              $    200.00

St. Paul’s Backpack program                 $    200.00

Geneva Point Center                            $    250.00

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund  $    250.00

Heart and Hands Thrift Shop                $  3375.00

Deacon’s Discretionary Fund                 $    458.00

Rector’s Discretionary Fund                  $ 12462.99

Bishop’s Discretionary Fund                  $     470.00


TOTAL                                              $ 25896.81